Apr 06
Understanding the Psychological Impact of Chronic Back Pain

Understanding the Psychological Impact of Chronic Back Pain

Introduction Chronic back pain is not just a physical condition; it’s a complex experience that can profoundly affect mental health. Millions of individuals worldwide navigate the daily challenges posed by chronic back pain, often leading to significant psychological impacts. This blog post explores the interconnection between chronic back pain and…
Mar 24
Pickleball Back Pain

Overcoming a Herniated Disc: A Pickleball Player’s Journey Back to Health

Introduction: In the world of sports and fitness, injuries can be a major setback, especially for those who are passionate about leading an active lifestyle. One such individual, an athletic and avid pickleball player and crossfitter found herself facing a daunting challenge when she suffered a herniated L5/S1 disc. This…
Mar 20
Mar 18
Decompression Machine

Unraveling the Efficacy: Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression vs. Regular Traction

In the pursuit of alleviating chronic back pain and addressing spinal disorders, healthcare professionals and patients alike are often confronted with a choice between non-surgical spinal decompression and regular traction. This blog delves into the scientific nuances and research statistics that distinguish these two modalities, aiming to shed light on…
Feb 28
Feb 21

Patient Stories

I would like to share some stories about patients that we are helping. I hope that if you’re having the same kind of problems, we may get a chance to help you too. Low back, leg pain and urinary incontinence A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting…
Mar 24

Dr. Mark Groff Appointed Vice-President of the International Disc Education Association

(Gallatin - Tennessee) Doctor Dr. Mark Groff was recently appointed to the International Disc Education Association as Vice-President for the 2021-2022 year. The International Disc Educational Association (I.D.E.A.) is dedicated to the progress and medical research of spinal disc conditions that empower doctors with the best educational tools utilizing non-surgical…
Apr 20
Gallatin Disc Doctor

Dr. Mark Groff Receives Prestigious Back Pain Treatment Award

(Gallatin, Tennessee) Local doctor Dr. Mark Groff was recently recognized by the International Medical Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression. This advanced training and presentation took place at the National Spinal Disc Disorders training facilities in North Palm Beach, Florida. The certification was presented by the Co-Chairman of the International Medical…
Aug 11
one 3d man at the edge of a swimming pool

10 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress has affected all of us at one time or another. It seems like once it comes around it won’t go away. It’s a burden that robs us of our good mood, making it impossible to enjoy our lives. If you’re stressed out and need solutions, we’ve got you covered.…
Aug 11
feet in a fresh setting

How to Treat Diabetic Neuropathy at Home

Diabetic neuropathy can really be a pain to deal with – no pun intended. The constant nerve pain can make it hard to move around or get motivated to do anything. There are many ways to treat diabetic neuropathy. Doctors usually recommend a mix of medical and at-home treatments in…